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Finally landing in the city of history and charm

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Palm Hills Developments
is launching in Alexandria

Bringing with us the first gated community in the beautiful city, allowing people the chance to enjoy a luxurious and calm lifestyle without compromising on the city’s beauty, history or unparalleled fresh air. Exclusive with an ear to the city’s pulse, we are bringing a compound fit for a King to the city built by one.

The First Luxurious A Class Residential Community Near Nozha Airport.

Building Over 18% Of Total Area assigned For The residential Building attaining the lowest density Of Housing, 82% Of The Project Area Is Assigned For Housing Facilities & Amenities , Greenery water Featured Spaces, Clubhouse Serving Sportive & Social Facilities.

Palm Hills Alexandria Project Features An International School Besides With External Commercial & Retail Adding A competitive Edge To Its Owners.

Offering 2, 3 & 4 bedroom apartments, townhouses, twin houses and villas. 
Delivery in 3 years.


palm hills alex

بالم هيلز

بالم هيلز الاسكندرية

موقع مشروع بالم هيلز الاسكندرية

palm hills alexandria

palm hills alex

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